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Elevating Resonance: Din electronics’ C85 Resonance Capacitors Unveiled

Din electronics introduces a breakthrough in resonance technology with their C85 Resonance Capacitors. Engineered with precision, these capacitors redefine the standards for resonant circuits, showcasing low ESL (Equivalent Series Inductance) and low ESR (Equivalent Series Resistance). Dive into the realms of high-frequency resonant circuits as Din electronics unveils the remarkable characteristics of the C85 series.

Low ESL, Low ESR Precision

At the core of the C85 Resonance Capacitors lies an exceptional design featuring low ESL and low ESR. These characteristics are pivotal in achieving precision in resonant circuits. The low ESL ensures minimal inductance, while the low ESR minimizes resistance, contributing to optimal resonance performance. In high-frequency applications, where precision is paramount, the C85 capacitors stand out for their reliability.

High Pulse Current, High dv/dt Performance

The C85 series capacitors by Din electronics boast high pulse current and high dv/dt (rate of change of voltage over time) characteristics. This performance capability is especially crucial in applications where rapid changes in voltage occur. The capacitors’ ability to handle high pulse currents and rapid voltage transitions ensures stability and efficiency in high-frequency resonant circuits.

Endurance in High Frequency and High Current

Din electronics’ C85 Resonance Capacitors are built to endure the challenges of high-frequency and high-current environments. Their robust design ensures consistent performance, even in applications where the demands on resonance components are intense. Industries relying on resonance capacitors appreciate the endurance and reliability these capacitors bring to their high-frequency electronic systems.


Din electronics sets a new standard in resonance technology with the C85 Resonance Capacitors. The low ESL and low ESR characteristics contribute to precision in resonant circuits, making them a reliable choice for high-frequency applications. With high pulse current and high dv/dt performance, these capacitors demonstrate their prowess in handling rapid voltage changes. The endurance in high-frequency and high-current environments solidifies the C85 series as a dependable solution for industries seeking resilience and reliability in their resonance circuits.

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