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Enhance Food Safety with Easyweigh’s Conveyor Metal Detector

Easyweigh Equipment Co., Ltd introduces the Conveyor Metal Detector FMD-30/40/50/60, a cutting-edge solution designed to ensure food safety by the industrial metal detector conveyor during food processing. With high sensitivity and stability for ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, and stainless steel, this conveyor metal detector sets a new standard for reliability in the food industry.

Widespread Applicability

The Conveyor Metal Detector from Easyweigh finds wide applications in various industries, including food processing, poultry, chemical, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and toys. Its adaptability makes it suitable for inspecting an array of packaging products, ranging from bread and nuts to meat, poultry, sausages, pills, and more.

Advanced Technology for Precision

Built on advanced technology, Easyweigh’s conveyor metal detector boasts high sensitivity and stability, ensuring that even the smallest metal contaminants are efficiently detected. This precision is essential for maintaining the highest standards of product quality and safety in the food processing industry.

Reliable and Efficient Performance

Businesses seeking to enhance product quality and compliance with food safety regulations can rely on Easyweigh’s Conveyor Metal Detector. The efficient and reliable performance of this equipment contributes to the overall quality control process, offering peace of mind to manufacturers and consumers alike.

Secure Your Production Line Today

Explore Easyweigh’s range of food metal detectors and take a proactive step toward securing your production line. With a commitment to advanced technology and expertise in metal detectors for the food industry, Easyweigh Equipment Co., Ltd ensures that your products meet the highest standards of safety and quality.


Easyweigh’s Conveyor Metal Detector FMD-30/40/50/60 emerges as a key player in elevating food safety standards within the industry. As businesses navigate the complex landscape of quality control, this advanced metal detection solution provides a reliable and efficient way to enhance product quality and compliance, securing the integrity of production lines.

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