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Sungrow’s MVS4480-US: A MV Turnkey Solution for Efficient 1500 Vdc String Inverter SG350HX

In the ever-evolving landscape of solar power, Sungrow Power Supply Co., Ltd. continues to lead the way with innovative and reliable solutions. The MVS4480-US, designed to complement the 1500 Vdc String Inverter SG350HX, is a cutting-edge MV (Medium Voltage) Turnkey Solution that guarantees efficiency, safety, and cost savings for utility-scale solar inverter system projects.

Sungrow's MVS4480-US: A MV Turnkey Solution for Efficient 1500 Vdc String Inverter SG350HX

Saved Investment with Smart Design

Sungrow understands the importance of optimizing solar project investments. The MVS4480-US solution comes in a standard ISO 20ft. Container, ensuring easy transportation and hassle-free deployment. With pre-assembly done in the factory, only AC cable wiring is needed on-site, reducing installation time and costs significantly. This intelligent design streamlines the setup process, saving time and resources.

Easy O&M for Enhanced Performance

Efficient Operations and Maintenance (O&M) are essential for maintaining the longevity and productivity of solar installations. The MVS4480-US provides online monitoring, enabling easy fault analysis and swift troubleshooting. Its modular design allows for main device replacement with ease, reducing downtime and simplifying maintenance tasks. Additionally, the front accessible design ensures convenience during maintenance procedures.

Safety and Compliance Assured

Safety is a paramount concern in solar projects, and the MVS4480-US prioritizes it with UL listed transformer and LV switchboard, ensuring safe and reliable operation. The solution complies with NEC (National Electrical Code) requirements, and LOTO (Lockout-Tagout) features enhance safety during maintenance or repair activities, ensuring adherence to the highest safety standards.

Reliability Backed by Global Deployments

The MVS4480-US solution’s reliability is well-established, with over 10GW of String Inverter SKID deployed globally. Each SKID undergoes comprehensive testing in the factory, ensuring flawless performance and peace of mind for solar developers and project owners.

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Sungrow’s MVS4480-US MV Turnkey Solution is a testament to the company’s commitment to providing efficient and reliable solutions for utility-scale solar projects. With saved investments through intelligent design, easy O&M features, compliance with safety standards, and proven global deployments, the MVS4480-US is the ideal complement to the 1500 Vdc String Inverter SG350HX. By choosing this MV Turnkey Solution, solar developers can confidently embark on their renewable energy journey, knowing they have a partner they can trust to deliver exceptional performance and value. Embrace Sungrow’s innovative solutions and propel your solar projects toward a more sustainable and prosperous future.

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