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Unleashing the Power of Mobility: Han’s Robot’s Advanced Mobile Manipulator Technology

Han’s Robot is at the forefront of innovation, offering the STAR Mobile Manipulator – an intelligent mobile robot that combines a self-developed mechanical arm, mobile robot, vision system, gripper, and other components. This state-of-the-art mobile manipulator performs a range of operations such as grasping, handling, assembly, and material detection, catering to various functional applications. Han’s Robot’s commitment to scalability and system integration ensures it can serve the future of intelligent manufacturing industry 4.0.

Grasping, Handling, Assembly, and Detection

The STAR Mobile Manipulator from Han’s Robot offers a multi-functional solution for industries seeking robust automation capabilities. Its intelligent design allows for precise grasping, efficient handling, seamless assembly, and accurate material detection. Whether it’s in the electronics, metal products, auto parts, electricity, new energy, ships, aerospace, healthcare, family services, or file management industries, the STAR Mobile Manipulator’s versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of applications.

Flexible Scheduling and Rapid Deployment

Han’s Robot understands the importance of adaptability and efficiency in today’s fast-paced industries. The STAR Mobile Manipulator can be seamlessly integrated with a corresponding scheduling system, allowing for flexible scheduling and rapid deployment. This ensures that the mobile manipulator can optimize its operations based on the specific needs of the customer’s on-site environment. The system scalability and connectivity to MES or other systems provide rich solutions that align with the customers’ requirements.


By fusing sophisticated manipulator capabilities with intelligent mobile robotics, Han’s Robotics’ STAR Mobile Manipulator transforms industries. This mobile manipulator is equipped with a self-designed mechanical arm, mobile robot, gripper, vision system, and other parts that allow it to do a variety of tasks like handling, grasping, assembling, and material detection. Effective and quick deployment is ensured by the STAR Mobile Manipulator’s robust system scalability and scheduling system integration. With its creative solutions that clear the way for Industry 4.0, Han’s Robot remains at the forefront of intelligent production.

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