What is the comeback bet? Rules and how to play

Betting on the comeback team is considered to be a bet with a high payout rate, so it attracts many participants. However, if you don’t understand clearly What is a comeback bet?, with playing experience, your chances of losing will be very large. Therefore, let’s refer to the bookmaker’s article New88.cc to gain more useful knowledge about this type of bet!

Learn about what the comeback team bet is?

Betting on which team will come back is one of the most interesting bets in football. Here, the player’s task is to bet that 1 of the 2 teams currently competing will successfully come back in the upcoming match.

And of course, you will win when the match takes place according to the scenario where the selected team leads first. After that, the team rose to level the score and ended 90 minutes of play with a winning goal. With all other cases occurring, your bet will be lost.

Currently, the comeback team bet attracts many players to bet. This comes from the extremely high odds, 1 to 20 to 30 or even more… Therefore, many players participate in betting and see this as a way of playing with huge rewards from the house.

Characteristics of the comeback team bet

To play the comeback bet more effectively, you need to understand the unique characteristics of this type of bet:

  • Number of bets: There will only be 2 choices: home team or away team.
  • Bet result: There are 1 of 2 results, either the player wins the bet or loses, there is no tie.
  • Chance of winning the bet: The odds of winning the bet are usually not high, because unless you successfully go upstream, you will win the bet. Cases such as leading from the beginning, winning or ending the match with a loss or draw,… are all considered losing bets.
  • Odds: Odds have extremely attractive odds, because the less likely it is to happen, the higher the odds will be. This is also considered an attractive point of betting on a comeback team.

Update the latest rules and how to play the comeback bet

After finding out What is a comeback bet? above. Next, we will learn about the regulations and how to play comeback betting to have the most basic knowledge when playing. Thereby, you can understand how to play this bet to place a valid bet.


Like most other types of bets, the rules when playing this bet are not too different:

  • Players place bets before the match or right during the match (when the house organizes running bets).
  • The odds will be calculated as soon as the bet ticket is validated.
  • Bet results are calculated from the start of the bet until the end of the match. Used for running bets, only counted from the time the bet was placed, not counted from before.
  • Valid bet ticket: needs to display “Successful bet”.

How to play

You can bet on the team to come back as follows to achieve better results:
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  • Choose a place to play: You should choose a bookmaker or a safe, legal soccer betting website like New88. At the same time, the house also needs to provide this type of bet for you to bet.
  • How to bet: Please register for a member account of that betting site before placing a bet. Next, select sports betting => Football => Select the tournament and match you are interested in. Then, select the team you want to bet on, click on that team’s Odds to display the bet ticket. Finally, fill in the bet amount for the match and confirm the ticket.
  • How to calculate the bet: After the match has a result, you will know whether you win or lose the bet and calculate the winning/losing bet as follows: Bet loss = Bet amount; Winnings = Bet * Odds. Normally, Odds will be calculated at the time you place your bet.

Experience in betting on the comeback team always winning

To improve your chances of winning, please refer to some of these betting experiences from experts:

  • Choose a match to bet on: You should choose a match where both teams have similar performance and level of play. Please limit matches where two teams are too different in level and should not play in friendly matches.
  • Choosing a team: To be safe, you should choose a team that is slightly better in level or a team with home field advantage. Because the away team often has the mentality of looking for a goal first to feel more comfortable. But home teams benefit more from the cheers of the audience, which are often more explosive at the end of the match.
  • Don’t choose teams with strong attacks because they often score first and are less likely to be put in a position to come back. Choose a team that plays defensively and attacks and knows how to seize opportunities to counterattack sharply.
  • Consult experts and players on reputable football forums to further confirm the basis of your opinion.

Through the sharing of New88 above, you probably understand better. What is the odds for the team to come back? then right? With this form of betting, you should only try to bet with a small amount of money because the risk of the bet is very high. Don’t rush to place big bets or you’ll lose all your money!

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