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Flicker Free vs. Traditional Lighting: What Makes a Difference for Your Poultry’s Welfare?

Are your poultry birds living in optimal lighting conditions? As a farmer, one of the most critical factors to consider is the type of lighting you provide for your feathered friends. While traditional lighting has been used for decades, flicker-free technology has emerged as an alternative that can positively impact your stock’s welfare. In this blog post, we’ll explore the differences between flicker-free and traditional lighting and how each affects your poultry’s well-being.

Introduction to Flicker Free Lighting

Chickens are very sensitive to light, and even a small amount of flicker can cause them stress. This can lead to reduced growth, poor feather development, and even death.

Traditional lighting sources such as incandescent bulbs and fluorescent tubes often contain a lot of flickers. This is because they operate at a high frequency, which causes the light to flicker. This can be a problem for chickens, as they are very sensitive to light flickering.

Flicker free lighting is a newer technology that doesn’t have this issue. These lights with flicker free LED bulbs operate at a lower frequency, which eliminates the flickering effect. This provides a more stable light source for your chickens and can help improve their welfare.

How Does Flicker Free Lighting Improve Poultry Welfare?

Flicker free lighting is designed to reduce the amount of time that chickens are exposed to light flickers. Light flickers can occur when the power to a light fixture is interrupted or when the light bulb itself is not functioning properly. These brief periods of darkness can cause stress and anxiety in chickens, which can lead to reduced productivity and increased mortality rates.

Flicker free lighting systems are available in a variety of configurations, including LED, induction, and fluorescent bulbs. These types of bulbs emit a steady stream of light without the fluctuations that can cause stress in chickens. In addition to reducing stress levels, flicker free lighting also provides other benefits for poultry welfare, including improved growth rates and feed efficiency.


In conclusion, there are many benefits to using flicker free lights in poultry housing. The reduced stress and improved welfare of the poultry are well worth the investment, not only for those who care about their animals but also for businesses that need to ensure a high-quality product. Although traditional lighting may be cheaper in the short term, long-term savings can be made with less energy consumption and increased productivity from healthier birds.

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