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SZJ Automation’s Machining Automation for Winding

SZJ Automation transforms machining automation and extends the consistency and longevity of batteries by utilizing state-of-the-art technology and creative mechanical design.

Advanced Control System for Enhanced Stability and Precision

SZJ Automation’s machining automation solutions, specifically the winding machines, are equipped with advanced control systems. These control systems ensure the stability and precision of the winding process, resulting in superior quality and performance of the batteries. The precise control over the winding parameters, such as tension and speed, guarantees consistent and reliable results.

Precise Mechanical Design for Improved Consistency and Service Life

SZJ Automation’s winding machines feature precise mechanical design, further enhancing the consistency and service life of batteries. The machines are engineered to deliver optimal winding performance, ensuring uniformity in the winding process. The precise mechanical design minimizes the risk of irregularities, such as loose windings or uneven tension, which can compromise battery quality and longevity.


SZJ Automation’s machining automation solutions for winding revolutionize battery production by providing stability, precision, and improved consistency. The advanced control system ensures stability and precision during the winding process, resulting in superior battery performance. The precise mechanical design of the winding machines enhances consistency and extends the service life of batteries, reducing failure rates and improving overall reliability.

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